Recharging your batteries

October 21, 2005

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be a privileged few to attend a seminar in NYC given by the Flower Council of Holland. I was surrounded by my peers as we listened to a lecture from a designer who grew up in Holland and now lives in Iowa (yes, I said Iowa!). Els (the designer) gave us her thoughts on the latest and greatest in flowers from Holland. Gorgeous amaryllis, long-stemmed gloriosa lilies, funky containers, and colored sisal/beads/leaves all had the makings for great event design. We were all awed by her talents and inspired by her enthusiasm and love for what she does. I came away with some new and creative ideas for both weddings and social events. Attending the event reminded me just how important it is to step outside of our own ‘world’ and see what is going on around us. After a fabulous summer in Nantucket filled with beautiful brides on their special day, it was nice to re-energize and be inspired for the holiday season ahead. Happy fall!