Trends for 2006

Aug 17, 2005

The Gift Mart in NYC was abuzz yesterday with the opening of many new suites. I attended a seminar on the upcoming trends for 2006. Fashion, home décor, and paint colors all affect the world of flowers and drive the ‘next big thing.’ What is up-and-coming for 2006? Well, many things at every end of the spectrum actually. Black and metallic gold will be strong (especially in jewelry). Wooden beads covered in crochet (which will translate over to flower containers) will also be big in jewelry as consumers look for a more relaxed, clean, earthy feel. The first half of the year will still show the bolder colors of this year in a more subdued palette (instead of burnt orange we will see a melon color, instead of deeper azure blue, we will see sky blue) with a softening towards neutral, clean color palettes. Sky blue and butter yellow will be big in clothing (and that translates to pale blue bridesmaid dresses) and make a wonderful backdrop for chocolate accents in bouquets and centerpieces. Black and white will be big in home décor, and that translates to a bold, modern look of black and white flowers (yes, black flowers! Black millet is absolutely gorgeous and looks stunning with white anemones which also have a dark center). The abundance of color combinations, textures, and new hybrids in flowers make for a promising 2006 season.