Brunch with a legend

A legend….

I was one of 35 people who had the special honor of having breakfast with Preston Bailey (he is adorable and so handsome!) last week in Holyoke, MA. He spent the day with some of us from ABC (Association of Bridal Consultants) in hopes of helping us prevent some of the very mistakes he has made during his star-studded career.

Ever the gentleman, he wasn’t afraid to weigh in with his opinions on different business questions we had for him. Getting to hear the do’s and don’ts, the successes and failures , and to see the highlights of his design ideas was amazing. Later that afternoon he gave a presentation showcasing his most recent work in his new book ‘Inspirations.’ He had some humorous anecdotes and some truly wild tails to tell. Even the master has not finished a job on time as guests were walking through the door (something he said is a BIG don’t). The point of his lecture was that in our business of dreaming up different things for clients, sometimes you occasionally have ideas that are bigger to pull off than you could have ever imagined. You just have to keep moving forward and keep a positive attitude. I think we can all take something away from that and apply it to our daily lives.

Best wishes,