The things we learn

We are back from a fabulous season in Nantucket (well, we've been back a few weeks and jumped right in to NY/CT weddings). While working on our last wedding, my staff let me in on a little secret: I have a few little 'quirks' that I wasn't aware of!!
-1- when I'm really busy and my hands are wrapped around beautiful flowers, I have a tendency to nod my head in answer to a question being asked and say 'it's the THINGY over there' - who knew!

-2- I get pulled in many directions on game day by staffers from any of the venues we work in. Evidently, when I walk back in to a space we are designing in and transforming to something magical, I jump up and down a few times and clap my hands while saying 'yeah, yeah - I LOVE it!!" - I hope all of our brides feel the same when they walk in and see their dream day for the first time.

-3- when I am on the verge of something really big (sometimes the creative process can be painful!) I start twirling my hair around my pointer finger and bite my lip. Not sure how that helps, but apparently it does.

Happy holidays everyone!