It's not easy being green......

With St. Patrick's day almost upon us, I thought I would take a minute to talk about how we at Soiree Floral strive to do our part in 'being green'. What appeared to start out as a 'fad' has quickly become a way of life. Many articles have been written on how couples can have a 'green wedding' from the linen selection, to the food choices, favors, and now even flowers. Some of the farms that we work with are going through the necessary steps to be certified green and/or organic growers. Some of our wholesalers have created departments for the sole purpose of representing organic and eco-friendly flowers.

At Soiree Floral, we have also tried to reduce our 'footprint' on the world by composting our cuttings, foliages, and other organic materials that are not used in our finished designs. Recycling our cardboard boxes and wood (often times finding a second life for them as well) all add up in our little part of the world. It may not seem like much, but if we all do our part, the world will be a much cleaner place. Take a look at your daily habits and see what you can do to be more eco-friendly.