Family traditions

Family traditions play a big part of any bride's special day. That is something we love to try and include as it makes each day unique and special for the couple we are working with.

I received a call two weeks ago from the MOB of our bride Stephanie. Turns out mother and daughter have had a 15yr running joke involving a doily. The mom was the last one to 'receive' it so she asked us to work it in to the bride's bouquet. It would be an understatement to say we had fun with the multiple ways to incorporate this little crocheted item in to what we think is the single most important accessory a bride carries on her big day. We decided to turn it in to a 'flower' and wired it in to the bride's bouquet. When we delivered the bouquets to the bridal suite the bride was none the wiser.

I received a call from the mother-of-the-bride today and she was beaming that she pulled off the family joke on her daughter's special day. They had the flower girl take the bouquet up to the bride to ask her what kind of flower 'that' was the doily of course!

Those are the memories that last our couples a lifetime, and when I get a call telling us thank you for being a part of it....all I can say is THANK YOU for letting us be a part of it.
Cheers Stephanie and Dee.