Grace Ormonde photo shoot

Last July we were asked to head over to the Liberty Hotel in Boston for a tabletop and bouquet photo shoot with Grace Ormonde Magazine. I love participating in these shoots as it is an opportunity to push the boundaries (particularly with color)and do something a little different. For the tabletop shoot we were asked to interpret a painting of Peonies at The Breakers by Shari White. Here is the photo:

Of course, peonies were the main focus, and I'm a gal who loves all things pink! With that in mind, we came up with the idea to have a birdcage filled with flowers above our table and have it look like they were trying to 'escape' (the Liberty Hotel used to be a jail, complete with a hip restaurant called Clink!). As the ideas kept swirling and we were tossing things back and forth, I decided we needed a big peacock to tie in the linen, the birdcage - and it could not have worked out more perfetly when we saw the big tree murals on the walls. It was brilliant!

We also designed several bouquets and boutonnieres. I'm still trying to get the photos from the photographer - we did one that was all naturally black flowers with accents of deep russet and gold. It was stunning - and I hope to share that photo soon. I consider this magazine to be tops in the wedding world. Always full of inspiration and designs that push the boundaries. I'm looking forward to setting aside a few hours to look through all the pages.

By far one of my all time favorite boutonniere's. The peacock is a fun and unexpected element. Not for the faint of heart or Mr. Shy.