Tabletop photo shoot

I feel like it is Christmas all over again! At the first of the year, all of the new bridal magazines come out full of inspiring photos that help brides as they start to plan the details for their special day. What brides don't know is what happens in the many months before January 2009 to put that magazine together. We did a photo shoot last July for La Bella Bride magazine with the help of Claudia Kronenberg Photography and Placesetters. It was a very busy time of the season for all of us, and we honestly didn't know if we could get this done. We were literally racing against the clock. Claudia had family portraits to do, we had wedding work, and the sun was about to set. I think when you see the photos you will agree that it all worked out in the end. 8:30pm is about the time the last photo was taken and it could not have been planned any more perfectly. Enjoy the eye candy!