Style Me Pretty - Take II

Ok, so yesterday we were finally able to spill the beans and show off photos from our photo shoot last month up in Maine. For those of you professionals that read this, you understand how hard it is to sit on top of photos that showcase some seriously fabulous work (esp. when you put a team together that hasn’t met). For those brides who read this looking for inspiration – we have lots of it!

SMP showcased a lot of eye candy yesterday – and there is so much more. We each have our own favorites – and these little gems just have to be shared. So, right off the bat, I’m sharing two of my absolute ‘I heart’ photos from the day (well, there are probably closer to 40 that I love, but I have to edit it down too).

So a little behind the scenes – I had never seen this barn before, and had no idea what to expect. I had thought it would be run down, a little dingy, lots of cobwebs. I was SO WRONG! It was gorgeous, it was stunning, and it made all of us giddy when we walked in. I immediately surveyed the place and started to walk toward the back with Brea (the uber talented photog) and we saw these chairs. How cool are these chairs!? You don’t get to work with these kinds of things unless you think to bring them. To actually have them there, IN the barn just waiting for us? We both knew immediately this was the spot for the bouquet shots. Now, the truth is, there is a ton of work that goes in to getting the perfect shot. In fact, you can see how we tweaked this and went from ribbon streamers to just feathers so we could showcase it all AND get that chair pattern in there. It took a bit of positioning, but we knew the shot was there – we just couldn’t find it immediately. And we weren’t stopping until we got that little chill down your spine because you are so excited and know it is going to jump-off-the-page kind of feeling.

Truth be told – I actually spray-painted the white hydrangeas. Yep, I did! A soft, antique gold. You should have heard the gasp when I told Brea and Meg (the videographer – wait until you see her video!) – it still makes me chuckle now. Hey, it was a day of creativity, and how many brides would honestly be ok with that. But, it did give them a little antiqued, vintage millnery feel.

Ah, the cake table. This actually all came to fruition on site. I walked in to the barn, was getting introduced to everyone – getting the lay of the land. Then I eyed them. Beautiful, fabulous fabrics in different textures and colors and patterns. They were amazing. So amazing, that I suggested we use ALL of them. I think the girls thought I was a little crazy at first. But I had this vision, and I knew if we could just see it come together it would work. The cake was beautiful. Simple, elegant, and incorporated the color pallete we were working with. So did the linens, but in a very different way. I love how the blue toile on the bottom carries the blue up to the top with the little handpainted (and handcrafted) bird’s eggs that Meagan made and topped off the cake with. The bold orange linen had lots of texture, and Sarah helped me get the draping right (this is definitely a two person job. You can’t see everything when you are right on top of the linens). The gold pleated fabric softens the look and gives it a glamorous finish. Note – this is not the cheapest thing to do. However, there is most often only one cake table, and what a statement piece this makes inside your reception venue. It’s stunning!!

Don't forget to check out the video of our 'behind the scenes' here

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