Trends for 2010

We are in full swing here booking weddings, writing proposals, talking to clients and it got me thinking about trends in 2010. I've been writing posts about my recent trip to New Orleans and some of the cool things I saw, people I met from the industry and what they are seeing for trends. Some of them are similar to mine, and some are not.

One thing I know for certain - everyone has their bridesmaids wearing navy dresses. EVERYONE! Last year most of our bride's said they were looking for a navy dress and just couldn't find a true navy, didn't like the materials, or the dresses were just ugly So kudos to the dress designers out there - there are obviously some pretty amazing silhouettes out there for bride's to choose from.

Dinner style vibe for your reception tables. We are seeing a lot of the Mediterranean style seating (long tables) with requests for a lot of mismatched vessels on the table with smaller arrangements clustered down the center with an abundance of candlelight. A lot like what our couple's would do if they were hosting a party at home.

Vintage is back and in full swing - using your parents silver, crystal, and mercury glass as containers for your flowers. We've had numerous requests for our glass/crystal chandeliers for additional ambiance.

The color red! I can't believe it either - and this was a huge topic down in New Orleans. How to incorporate red without it looking like Valentine's Day. We have a few color schemes for clients we are working on and red is part of the mix - blue/red/blush and another one with spring green/red/navy. I can't wait to get started on those proposals. Here are some photos I took down in New Orleans of a tablescape using the color red.

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