A New Color Scheme for Turquoise

At this time of year, many couples are newly engaged and jumping right in to the details of the big day. Whenever I meet with a client, one of the first questions I ask is 'Do you have the bridesmaid's dresses picked out?" - believe it or not, this really helps drive the final color scheme and sets the tone for the formality of your event.

Pantone has picked their color of the year as Turquoise. I was a bit taken aback by this. I feel like we have seen a lot of turquoise already in the past two years. From table linens to dresses, it has definitely been present. It's safe to say it is not going anywhere anytime soon. In recent years, I've seen it paired with lots of bright, cheery yellows and white to smooth it all out. This year, brides are being a little more daring and I think this next color combination has a lot of potential for a wedding any time of year. Think tomato red, turquoise, and apple green! As long as you keep the colors in the same saturation you can't go wrong (don't mix a pastel with a bright color for this - it won't look good!.

Think turquoise for your vases, table linens,napkins, or even napkin rings.

The red and green can certainly come from Mother Nature - anemones, roses, natural greens, mosses, granny smith apples - the possibilities are endless. I'm a huge fan of using color. Color evokes emotion and when your guests walk in to the reception, you are sure to make mouth's drop.

photo by Claudia Kronenberg Photography

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