Soiree Floral Company Pledge

Today I'm writing about something I care about very much. It is a huge thorn in my side. I hate when I'm driving along (especially on I-95) and I see people talking and/or texting while driving. Call me crazy but how one thinks they can drive and text at the same time is beyond me. I get we are all busy, I know we always feel like we don't have enough hours in the day. But what are you going to do when you create a fender bender, cause an accident, or even worse - you hurt somebody? Today, I took the pledge - the Oprah No Phone Zone pledge. And I will be asking my worker bees to the do the same. Jump on board and and create your own no phone zone pledge. This is one band wagon that is worth jumping on. No excuses - just do it! Follow this link to Oprah, it takes 5 seconds of your time.

On another note, we are working on a new aspect of our business, called Studio Soiree. This will be a collection of tailored packages geared toward brides who don't need the fuss of a tailored proposal, meetings on the little details, and still want that designer flair. I look forward to introducing this and rolling out the Studio Soiree designs in the coming weeks.

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