Peonies are Here!

Wedding season has kicked off in high gear and that means plenty of bouquets, boutonniere's, church flowers and centerpieces on the big day. What flower is the most often requested? The peony of course! They are a prized possession by most brides and they come in an amazing array of colors. White is obviously the most requested color, but those for those brides who are not faint at heart, the coral or deep fuschia colors can add quite a statement to your color palette.

Early American settlers brought peony plants across the ocean and planted them on American soil to remind them of the homes they had left behind. Revered since ancient times, the peony has numerous legends attached to it. It gets its name from a Greek myth in which Paeon, physician to the gods, angered his teacher Asclepius, the god of medicine and healing. When Asclepius threatened to kill Paeon out of jealousy, Zeus saved him by changing him into the lovely flower we know today as the peony. In another legend, Paeon is a mortal who is spared death by being transformed into a beautiful flower.

Available from spring through early summer, these blooms are sure to add a sense of sophistication and romance to your wedding day.

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