Bold Colors, Fun Linens

We had the pleasure of working on a fantastically fun party last week. We had complete creative freedom to do what our little hearts desired, and we did! Working with a great team of vendors, our ideas were based around the linen selection. A mix of turquoise blue and a deep orange that had an embroidered squiggle and circle pattern on it. Placesetters worked overtime to get the fabric we needed, and we just couldn't live without it.

To keep things from being too distracting we color blocked the lower centerpieces and designed them in a pave fashion to have the most impact. Mixing fruits with textural blooms gave a festive look that wasn't fussy.

Since this was party work, we also broke a lot of flower rules (hey, sometimes you have to color outside the lines). Some of the flowers were without water, and some of the 'containers' we fashioned couldn't hold water. Guests got a kick out of seeing something different. For the tall centerpieces, we mixed colors, glued orchids on to calla stems, and looped colorful branch materials through some of the designs. One of the singers in the band even wore part of a design on his head (plucked it right out of the vase. Dave from Nantucket Tents snapped a photo, so when I get it, we'll post it). A fun time and a great event to be a part of.

Happy weekend everyone!

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