Walk for a Cure

Today is a day I wish with all my heart I could be in two places at once. We are gearing up for a great wedding this Sunday on Nantucket with a sweetheart of a couple. Tomorrow, in Colorado, my family is walking to raise money for Curesearch, an organization that helps raise money for childhood cancers and has developed a trial study for children with Neuroblastoma. They helped tremendously in the treatment for my now 10yr old nephew Shea. Without their help, he would not be the amazing young gentleman he is today. September 11th has more meaning than I could possibly begin to explain. All I can say is that for everyone who is in Colorado and who is walking to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer - you are my hero's. For those of you who walk for a child who is dealing with cancer or for a child who has become an angel you are in our thoughts this weekend. Have an amazing time, celebrate each other - and go TEAM RMPHO CANCER CRUSHERS!!! We love you Prince.
Auntie Dawn

Sheabo, Auntie Dawn, Chasers, and Double J