Behind the Scenes - Photo Shoot

photo by Zofia Photography

One of my most favorite things to do in our 'world of flowers' is getting to work with magazines and other wedding professionals during photo shoots. This is when we, the professionals get to be creative, push the boundaries a little bit, try something a client might not ask for. I am a firm believer that if you can get a photo in front of a client, if they can just 'see' what you are talking about, they might be convinced to do something they might not have considered previously.

Back at the beginning of May we did a shoot for Wellwed's Fall/Winter 2010 issue. Normally, an early May day would feel like fall - but not this day. It was actually pretty mild and we were enjoying every minute of it. With a color palette selected by the editor, Krista Washburn - Placesetters, Jodi's Cakes, Marty Kelly Papers, Zofia Photography and myself gathered to have a little fun. I've said this before - not all ideas turn out so well in photos. We made these amazing silk frames with hand stitched rosettes and while they didn't make the cut for the magazine, I still LOVE them. They are beautiful and different and fun, and I will find a way to use them at some point. For now, they are gracing the walls of our studio and 'beautifying' things up a bit. Here are some behind the scenes photos and a collage of what we created.

Marty Kelly (in stripes) and myself tweaking the tablescape to show off her stationary

I snapped a photo on my phone of Zofia working her way around the table

all photos by Zofia Photography

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