Sabrina and Aaron - Sconset Casino

We have had some great clients to work with this season. One of my favorite designs of the season was this past weekend with Sabrina and Aaron. Everything was supposed to be in a tent, and yes, we did have to make some adjustments. In the end, it turned to be dreamy and romantic with lots of candlelight in the Sconset Casino.

Sabrina came to us with one word in mind - Anthropologie. That was all I needed to hear as we started working on design ideas for her. One of my favorite elements from her wedding was the escort table. We antiqued mirrors and used them to tell the guests where to sit. When I went back to the Casino for breakdown that night, the table was glowing. It was perfect given we had to rearrange things. I actually think it worked out better! Of course, professional lighting by Capron always takes things up a notch.

See images here courtesy of Zofia Photography's blog. She captured some amazing photos of the couple and their guests having a good time.

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