All About Design - Day 4

We are back today with more fun from a recent wedding couple. Yesterday we talked about their surprise wedding - well, not only were their guests stunned by that, but they were also stunned when they were bussed off to the Sconset Casino. On board we had feather boa's and fedora's to peek their interest. Upon arrival, they were greeted to 'Paulie's' - a 1920's speakeasy. I have to be honest, when the truck pulled up full of furniture that morning, and all I saw were two very BIG couches that seemed to take up the whole truck, I thought where is the rest of it?? Turns out it was all packed in the couches - they were really that big!

We had so much fun transforming the space, and the couple really wanted to treat their guests to an unforgettable evening! With big leather couches, mirrored bars and tables, black chandeliers suspended from the ceiling by Capron- and an amazing band brought in by Nantucket Island Events, along with catering by Toppers at The Wauwinet - it was a night to remember! Even the band hugged us for creating such a fun space to perform in. Now that's a compliment! I can't wait to see what images Claudia Kronenberg Photography captured at this party. SO - MUCH - FUN!

these amazing linens were provided by Placesetters.

Tomorrow - a formal dinner inside Toppers.

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