Love is in The Air

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I hope your week is off to a great start. As so many of us say in this industry - I love LOVE. To that end, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of the things I love and what makes me smile:

I love my cup of hazlenut coffee every morning (can't function without it, and Stew Leonard's has the best!)

I love breakfast (my absolute favorite meal of the day)

I love all things pink, in every shade (how appropriate for today!)

I love sequins, sparkles, and chandeliers - anything with a little shimmer is sure to catch my eye

I love being surrounded by creative people - it always pushes me to be better

I love shoes and clothes - I'm a girly girl, what can I say

I love puppy kisses - something new for me in the last 10 days. Not sure how I lived without them.

I love watching my niece and nephews grow - they change every day

I love the cheese plate at Otto - the condiments are out of this world!

I love to cook, actually I really love to bake!

I LOVE when I get my hands on a new disk of images from an event we designed

I love truffle fries - and no one does them better than LOLA 41

I love seeing our couples have their 15min of fame in print

I love the MAKE-A-WISH foundation - their employees and volunteers are amazing people

I absolutely love being by the ocean. It calms my mind when too many ideas are swirling around.

I love my family and friends. They make every day a joy.

What do you love?

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