Tangerine Tango It Is!

I've had fun the last couple of weeks meeting with newly engaged clients and enjoying all the holiday decorations in the city. As I wandered in and out of stores I noticed a lot of bright orange and yellow colors. So it's no surprise that Pantone announced it's color of the year is Tangerine Tango. It's a juicy, vibrant orange that gives you a jolt of energy every time you see it! Here are a few of my favorite things that each take a cue from the Pantone colors for Spring 2012.

Let's start with Tangerine Tango - I saw oodles of slim fitting jeans and jewelry in this vivacious color.

This room looks amazing using Solar Power (Yellow) and Cockatoo (a blue green)

Belleflower is a gorgeous shade of purple that continues to dominate fashion and home decor

Sweet Lilac reminds me of a dreamy English garden - and I love the color in this sweater (complete with a little bling!)

Sodalite Blue is a calming color (and isn't blue always a reliable standby?)

Cabaret is a sexy, fun color that makes for a great print

Starfish reminds me of warm summer days with my feet in the sand. It's a great neutral that works well to tone down some of the other more vibrant colors.

It's going to be one colorful spring!

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