Our Favorite Things - I Do's

We are continuing our list of favorite things over the last year.  As we sift through all the images there is one thing we see in every wedding we've done.  It doesn't matter who the couple is, doesn't matter the venue or photographer.  It doesn't matter if the couple is married in a church or outside encircled by family and friends.  Every single couple gets that excited look and that smile they just can't hide when they hear the words they are married.  It's so fun to see the genuine excitement and emotions and I have to say photographers did an amazing job this year capturing the moment.  We still don't have images from every wedding so don't fret that we aren't including you.  We are just waiting on Santa's little elves to deliver the goods.  Have fun looking through the images - I know our hearts are filled with joy on this stormy day and this was just ticket to make us feel warm and cozy.  Happy holidays!

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