Trash to Treasure - Week 2

We hope you enjoyed last week's post of Dawn's fascinator a la The Great Gatsby!
This week's treasure is a little more free-spirited.

Inspiration: I'm currently planning my daughter's birthday party (a bohemian-style soiree with tents, s'mores and dreamcatcher crafts) so I've had dreamcatchers on the brain.

(Side note: I just love the A Beautiful Mess Photo app!)

Making dreamcatchers will be a part of my daughter's party this year - in-between making
and eating s'mores... (I'm sensing a s'mores food post in my future!)

While we won't be using flowers in our dreamcatchers, this was a nice trial run 
to see what I could do with what we had in the studio.

Hyacinth was the best choice of the flowers at my disposal - it's hearty, kind of waxy 
and would sustain a good "threading".

And... here is my end result!
(Note: you'll see I also used some wire vase filler with lime green beads 
that wasn't pictured in my "supplies" photo. Great things come by happenstance sometimes!)
There you have it!
This little beauty is ready to be displayed and enjoyed!
Bonus: it smells lovely, too!

Until next time...


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