Summer Soirees - Vol.2 - S'mores, Please!

Summertime is so reminiscent of childhood, don't you think? Summer break, going to the beach, no responsibilities... well, not really, but don't you wish!? For me, summer is all about working hard and playing hard -- Nantucket is the best place to be for both!

On days off my favorite thing to do is pack up and head to the beach! And the one thing
that makes the end of the day so much sweeter is a good s'more!

I don't know about you, but as I get older, making and eating the "average" s'more
has become less and less fun. So, I took to Pinterest and drummed up
some pinteresting ideas to spice up my favorite summertime dessert!

The first one to catch my eye was this delicious-looking one:

The Chocolate Lover's S'more
Photo from
Now, THIS is my kind of S'more! So decadent I'm certain I'd only be able to eat one!
Chocolate graham crackers, chocolate marshmallows and a milk or dark chocolate bar!
I'm currently obsessed with Green & Black's Almond Chocolate bar - which would turn this into a
Chocolate Rocky Road S'more! YUM!

Lemon Meringue S'more
Photo from
This one looks so refreshing! Tangy lemon meringue with a vanilla marshmallow!
How could you go wrong?

Jaclyn, at Cooking Classy has the right idea about how to spice up the original s'more recipe...
I can't choose just one! Click here to view more ideas!

If you're interested in making everything from scratch here are some links to help!
Marshmallows - via
Graham Crackers - via Smitten Kitchen
Chocolate Bars - via From Scratch Club
Add whatever you like to your homemade s'mores ingredients to come up
with your own tasty version of this summer staple!

One thing I learned writing this post -
The love of s'mores is so great that they even have their own holiday!

What kind of s'mores will you create this August 10th?


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