Trash to Treasure-Week 3

This week's Trash to Treasure is oh so stylish and fun to make!

Bib necklaces are very popular right now, and are a great statement piece to spice up any outfit. 
J. Crew has been making gorgeous floral necklaces that inspired me to make my own using real flowers!

First, I threaded white carnations onto floral wire, facing downward. I felt they added nice volume to the piece. Next, I threaded five craspedia onto each side of the carnations to add shape, dimension, and a pop of color. Lastly, I glued six daisies onto the carnation stems. I liked how the center of the daisies matched the craspedia, and were consistent with the white and yellow color scheme.
The best part is that it serves as not only a beautiful necklace, but it smells good, too!

This necklace was really easy to create, which is why I think it would be a great project for a kids party or a get together with girlfriends! It could be really fun experimenting with different flowers, as well.
This floral necklace would be a great addition to wear to your next summer soiree! I guarantee you will get plenty of compliments, especially when you tell them, "they're real!"


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