Trash to Treasure- Week 6

For this Trash to Treasure, I had the pleasure of working with gorgeous, plush, and vibrant pink carnations. 
I especially love carnations because when they are grouped together, they sort of resemble ruffles,
and I am a huge fan of ruffles!
My initial thought was to use them to make a cake topper. As I thought about it more, designing a  faux   cake, made entirely out of carnations, seemed like a better idea. I have come across many pictures online of cakes that have ruffled icing so I thought this was a good alternative without having to do all that kitchen labor (although I do love to bake). 
These would serve well as centerpieces for a garden party, birthday, or wedding!
To add some detail to the "cake," I made a little banner out of sticks, paper, and a little glitter to put on top.
You could add a personal touch with names, initials, or any other cute phrases written on the flags! 

Until next time,

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