A Night in Tuscany

Sunflowers are one of those flowers in life that always make you smile. They know how to turn a frown upside down. We recently worked on a Tuscan party for The Westmoor Club and there were sunflowers everywhere you turned. This design was a great example of how you can take one element and use it over and over and over.
It really creates an impact.

Tuscany. Lots of natural greens in different shapes and textures filled in to make things look more organic.

Inside the club, we created a dramatic look with fabric draping and globe lights (actually, we call them Godfather lights. I've never actually seen the movie - but all our clients refer to the wedding scene in that movie with the lights strung up.) Anyway...
To complete the look inside we created flower beds above to look like sunflower fields. It was a lot of work up and down the ladders (no one ever really knows what it takes to create something like that - a post for another time). It was a dramatic way to finish off the room and transport guests to another destination. We heard the party was great fun and a good time was had by all.

Contact us for your next party, wedding or event. We're happy to help dream up fun decor elements that will wow your guests.

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