Trash To Treasure - Week 9

Its another Monday which means we're starting the week off with another Trash To Treasure.  This week, Julie took a turn at the design table.  Here's what she had to say about her creation:

If you were to ever visit my home, you would instantly know a few things about me... 

1. I like the color grey.
2. I like antique-y old things.
3. I decorate in a country-farmhouse-meets-Nantucket kind of style.
This week I took that style and channeled it in to an arrangement for a dear friend of mine.

The chamomile and the veronica were my favorite flowers to use this week -
they give me that just-picked-from-the-field vibe.
I wanted to make something that felt home-y and cozy in a way... like a hug through flowers.
When I delivered this arrangement I knew I had reached my goal.

Hope y'all are having a wonderful Monday so far!


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