My Favorite Things - Behind the Scenes

We're back with another of My Favorite Things from this year.  Contrary to popular belief, the flowers and fun things we work with don't come all pretty and ready to go.  There is a lot of work behind the scenes to create the designs we make. As my Chapel Designer friends like to say 'this job isn't for sissies'.  So here's a look back on an incredible year with amazing clients and fun designs.  My one regret is that we get so busy I don't always have my phone out capturing moments as much as I should.  I have an incredible group of people who help support Soiree Floral and Dawn Kelly Designs and I couldn't make it happen without them.  My hat's off to all of you - I love you!

photo shoots with our magazine friends give us creative freedom to play with new ideas...

At some point on any given weekend, we're up on ladders, big and small.

Even my fur babies Ellie Mae and Tallulah Belle get decked out in pink on game day.  Gotta represent!

We had a busy September, and I got 'new ride' for the month.  I am laughing in this photo because if you could have seen the look on everyone's face with the little bubble over their head '- she's not really gonna drive that is she?'  Thankfully, no!  I leave that to the professionals.

We were so busy, that while my parents were out for a visit, I put them to work too, puppy sitting and cleaning flowers.  I bribed them with a lobstah dinner on the beach.

We work hard, really hard, and it's not always fun.  So I tried to mix in a little fun during the down times.  Of course, the one day we get to do this was blustry, but we had a ball anyway!

Dan Driscoll of September Productions caught us during set up and behind the scenes of several weddings this year.  We had so much fun looking back - Thanks Dan!

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