Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

We hope you got the box of chocolates you've been dreaming of, that perfect little piece of jewelry, OR a fabulous floral arrangement!  If you are running late on the Valentine's train (and we know some of you men are) there's still time to do something thoughtful.

A few, quick easy ideas that are sure to wow your Valentine:

(1): Fireside Picnic - (a very similar idea to our first Valentine's post)
With a few candles and some yummy treats (and wine) she won't suspect that you didn't plan it ahead of time! 
Here's a quick cheat sheet on what to pick up at the store! *Don't forget her favorite bottle of wine or champagne!

Photo via Cupcakes & Cashmere
(2): Grab a card or make one if you have a little bit of time. Jot down a handwritten note and tell her how much she means to you. If you do have a little bit of time - we recommend these (free!) DIY Cards. (Bonus: She'll LOVE that you made it yourself!)
Get the download here - Jones Design Company
Be Mine
Free Download via Just Add Sparkles
(3): You can't go wrong with sweets!

Godiva's always a safe bet! Check out their V-Day Gifts.
On Nantucket? Look no further than Sweet Inspirations! 
We love their truffle hearts and whales!

Sweet Inspirations
(4): EGift Cards - she may notice that you almost forgot, but she'll be happy that you didn't!

Here are our favorite picks:

Ladies, we've been there... at least with this you know you'll enjoy your gift!
Amazon's SomeECards
We hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day!

The Soirée Team

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