A Look Back at 2014 with Soirée Floral

I can't believe 2014 has come and gone.  It's been a whirlwind for Soiree Floral.  One of our longest seasons ever, filled with lots of clients and new friends.  I always love having a look back on the year.  It is even a surprise to us when we look back and see all that the year had in store for us.  Glitter, spray paint, glue and power tools always make for a fabulous Soiree season.  Here's a look back at some of our behind the scene's throughout the season.  A huge thank you to all the people who help us out, from our FEDEX and UPS friends (who are an invaluable part of our team) to our flower sisters (you know who you are and we couldn't do it without you!!!), to the friends and family who support us when we are so exhausted we don't think we can go another day.  To Somersaults for keeping us fed (seriously, if you haven't tried them, they are a must!  Every year we end up with a go to food.  Last year was cuke's and hummus, but sea salt Somersaults won out this year for sure!).  To all the worker bees who help out behind the scenes cleaning flowers, prepping vases, washing buckets - I sincerely appreciate every single one of you!  Cheers to 2014. 
I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for us!

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