What's that Flower? A Series with Soirée Floral - Part 1 - Peonies

Peonies are a Soirée favorite - our brides love them, too! A perfectly fluffy and sweet smelling bloom, what's not to love? This week we're kicking off a series called "What's that Flower?" where you'll see how we use some of our favorite blooms in a variety of different ways. Sometimes we find ourselves rattling off names of flowers only to find our client's bewildered, so what better way than to roll it into a series so you, too will know what kind of flowers you like for your wedding or event!

We had a few weddings this past weekend and peonies played
a large part in both of them - take a peek!

Peonies have always been a popular bloom with brides across the country now, and this time of year, you see them everywhere!
What's great about them, as you'll see below, is that they can be used in a variety of styles.

In love yet? Here are some more images to add to your Pinterest board!

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